Ruckins_1My heart is to evangelize this world by visually demonstrating the Gospel of the Kingdom in a prophetically charged atmosphere, through music, drama and dance. To present to a generation a “now” Jesus who identifies with people of today. A Jesus who is seeking intimate relationship, not religious ceremony. I desire to stir the hearts of God’s people to action by prophetically revealing to them their purpose and encouraging them in the pursuit of that purpose. To impart God-given revelation that crosses all denominational, cultural and geographical boundaries reaching the demands of the 21st Century.

There is a sound thundering out across the heavens (Acts 2:2). Every generation has a sound; it is a light shining in a dark place – revealing the treasures of destiny. This sound represents all that the generation is to be. It impacts thinking, fills the spirit with faith and passion, and reproduces itself wherever it goes. The sound that is coming forth from this generation is totally fresh, creative, unintimidated, prophetically stimulated, and Holy Ghost inspired. It carries power and authority; terrorizing the religious spirits and systems of the day. This sound is the “new breed” rising to a higher place in freedom of expression – revealing the heart and nature of God.

The new breed is not a matter of age. It is a state of the heart – an attitude! This attitude resides in the “generation of demonstration” who, I believe, have the power to make a positive impact on a global scale like no other generation before them! Their holy walk is not a lifestyle based on outward physical appearance. Their holiness has been forged upon the altar of the heart in the presence of Almighty God. They radiate God’s love, miracles, prosperity and presence. Their influence will reshape the economic, educational and political systems, as well as the entertainment industry, (Hollywood).

The Lord is calling forth the “new breed” to arise and display His glory and power! Throughout my travels around the world I have seen a universal pain, where people are hurting from broken homes, abuse, loneliness and despair. Their capacity to function in the fulness for that which they were created has been injured. They have been deceived in their understanding of the potential that resides within them. They have been labeled “Generation X”; but inside they are X-pressive, X-plosive, X-claiming, X-tremely radical and Unstoppable! They hold no religious overtones or agendas. “Generation of Demonstration” (G.O.D.) was birthed with the intent of revealing to this dynamic generation their God given talents and abilities; showing this generation that they should not be ashamed of who they are, but boldly declare the unique sound that is reverberating within their hearts. “G.O.D”‘ is an innovative, Christ-centered Prophetic Ministry with an emphasis on outreach. It is geared toward demonstrating a living Christ to the world, and prophesying “breath” to the dry bones. Sounding the trumpet to the new breed that they might live. (Ezekiel 37:9-10)

Through the medium of the arts this generation of demonstration will reach a thirsty world. Dance ministry and stage productions will fill neutral venues such as auditoriums, stadiums, parks and concert halls. The productions will be entertaining; but have a strong evangelistic draw. This is a major part of 21st century evangelism. In cooperation with ministries of like spirit, faith and vision, these types of prophetic gatherings will proclaim the Word of the Lord through high-energy prophetic praise, worship, explosive dance routines and DJ mixing.

These meetings become a platform or “training center,” where the new breed are urged to excel in their giftings and can strategically sharpen their skills and talents. They are then released back to their local churches to be further equipped, taking their families, neighborhoods, schools and work places for the Kingdom of God. My passion is to rekindle the fire in the new breed that may have been dimmed from discouragement and disappointment. Many of these broken vessels have lost their youthful zeal and have laid down their giftings that God intended to be utilized for His Glory. Jesus did not change the occupation of His disciples. He changed the catch. Where they were once fishermen, they became “fishers of men!” The principle is to introduce a person to the giver of their gift, which is Jesus, to sanctify it by developing a relationship with God through His word; and then send him/her back to the area of their gifting-with power to change lives, communities, and ultimately, nations.

After becoming equipped with the anointing of God, their gift and their joy becomes a tool for Kingdom purpose. Their life becomes a ministry in the arenas of their talents and passion. (SEE Luke 4:18) God, by His Spirit and infinite wisdom, is raising up this new breed of individuals who are propelled by purpose. Driven by destiny, they will not stop short of fulfilling the call that is on their lives. They are a chosen generation on the cutting-edge of a new wave that is sweeping the Body of Christ. These are the Davids who will slay the Goliaths of today, while honoring the anointed of yesterday. They are a people who will move in His glory, but will not take the glory for the move. A generation filled with hope and destiny. A generation brimming with life and potential. A generation bursting with innovation and creativity. A generation overflowing with the boldness to dream dreams and the courage to accomplish those dreams.

“…the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.” (Daniel 11:32)

“Generation of Demonstration” is history in the making. We’ll see you when you get there!