Itinerant Ministry

As a Prophet to the nations, Ruckins McKinley brings the word of the Lord through prophetic utterance, dance and the song of the Lord. His unique style of ministry challenges and refreshes – bringing a revelatory and provocative message while ministering the love and compassion of the Father’s heart for His people.

Ruckins intimate message is making a major impact in churches globally as he transparently testifies of God¹s goodness and power. The anointing on his life bears fruit; yielding miracles and the demonstration of the prophetic.

Dance Ministry

Ruckins & Roslyn, formally known in Hollywood as “R & R Express,” were a dance team that expressed what they felt through what they did. When Ruckins and Roslyn gave their life to Christ, they took the word express, and used that same artistry of dance – to ‘express’ the heart of God. Multiple thousands have given their hearts to Christ as a result of their dance ministry. The McKinley’s have received standing ovations for their explosive dance routines to contemporary Christian Music. They are making a major impact on the body of Christ with a message of uncompromising commitment. Depending on the leading of the Holy Spirit, the ministry of Ruckins and Roslyn routinely moves the congregation to celebration and excitement of tears or repentance.

The basis of their art form referred to as Expressionism, is to simply take an experience a person has lived through and their encounter with God; and translate out of that experience – an inner reality. As expressive artists the McKinley’s will tell a story through their picturesque art form – causing the audience to experience the artist’s circumstance, feelings, mood, and their relationship with God. The audience relates to the character being portrayed through sincerity and transparency, and is brought to the reality of God’s Grace, Love and Forgiveness. The McKinley’s never dance a song they have not lived through. Their transparency flows through their dance and music as they show it is God who delivers mightily. We call this Anointed Expressionism.

New Breed Meetings

The New Breed Meetings are a prophetic demonstration of this millenniums heartbeat – a roar of passionate praises, from a radical generation who are not ashamed of the Gospel of His Name! Generation of Demonstration goes into strategic regions, and hold prophetic gatherings in neutral venues such as auditoriums, stadiums and concert halls. In co-operation with ministries of like spirit, faith and vision, with the focus of building the Kingdom of God, Generation of Demonstration will continue to proclaim the word of the Lord with freedom of Godly expression in meetings of high-energy prophetic praise, heartfelt worship, explosive dance routines, and the demonstration of the gifts of the Spirit.

This type of gathering will become a platform or training center, where we will invite God’s Generals to minister

– further equipping the new breed in biblical enrichment, spiritual guidance, motivational resources and economic empowerment.

(SEE Psalm 145)
One generation shall praise His works to another, And shall declare His mighty acts. They will meditate on the glorious splendor of His majesty, and on His wondrous works. They shall speak of the might of His awesome acts, And declare His greatness. They shall remember His great goodness, and sing of His goodness. They shall speak of the glory of His Kingdom, and talk of His power. They will make known to the sons of men His mighty acts.

The agenda is to love on God and allow the Holy Spirit to demonstrate His power in and through us.

School of Demonstration

About The School

The primary purpose of the School of Demonstration is to show people how to express the anointing through their particular art form. We believe that expression is a highly effective form of evangelism and method of relating to people. We encourage and train each student to draw from the reservoir of emotions and wealth of experience to convey the message of Christ in their own art form. (Ephesians 4)

At School of Demonstration we teach that when an individual uses their unique art form in an anointed atmosphere, it can be one of the most powerful tools in bringing forth a message. To make contact and then impact a life. To share from ones past misery or joy, allowing God to transform it into a ministry; and to bring the discovery of the experience into another person’s reality. We believe THIS is the way to reach the unreachable and touch the untouchable. We call it “anointed expressionism.”

Our vision is to build a training base where students can converge from all over the world to network and grow in their individual gifts, and be launched back into their home churches again to influence their communities.

Creative Arts

School of Demonstration offers a unique teaching program for many areas of the Creative Arts including:

  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Production
  • Writing
  • Graphics

This innovative approach to anointed expression through the arts is taught alongside practical exercises – encouraging opportunity for individual creativity and passion. Our goal for each individual throughout the duration of the School of Demonstration course in the field of the creative arts would be to:

  • Impart the anointing and to activate gifts that already reside in everyone
  • To demonstrate how to freely express the love of God
  • To teach the artist how to present their particular artform (for example with dance – to choreograph routines etc.) in such a way that people feel what the presenter is doing
  • To show our students how to use their form of expression to convey a thought or idea that will pull the audience into the character they are portraying and the message they are relaying
  • To allow each person opportunity to workshop showing God¹s heart through their particular artform

School of Demonstration’s Prophetic Course is grounded in solid Biblical foundations – but also taught in a way that relates to the use of the prophetic in everyday life. Practical workshops develop personal styles of prophetic expression.

Behold, I have put My words in your mouth. See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms, To root out and to pull down, To destroy and to throw down, To build and to plant.
Jeremiah 1